Negotiating A Better Car Deal

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How To Get More Performance From Your Truck

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It takes three components to combust fuel. For one, you need the fuel itself. For another, you need a source of heat. Finally, you need oxygen. The whole design of an internal combustion engine is geared toward containing the explosive results of combining these three components. Unfortunately, a stock engine, which must be designed in a way that keeps costs down, is not as efficient as it could be in utilizing the potential energy in the fuel that gives it life. Read More»

Why Your Vehicle Color Matters

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It’s time to buy a car. You’ve chosen the make and model. Now you have to pick out the color. When you choose a color for your vehicle, you probably only think about your personal color preference. As it turns out, you should pick a color after considering a variety of factors. Making the right choice can improve your driving experience. Safety Certain colors may appeal to you, but they are more likely to be involved in a crash due to them being harder for other drivers to see. Read More»

Learn What It Takes To Have A Leaky Brake Line Replaced

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If you own a truck and notice that the ABS light has lit on your dash, there is a good chance that your brake line may be leaking. Working on your truck if you are not a mechanic is not always a good idea, especially when it comes to something as important as being able to brake. The guide below walks you through the steps that a mechanic will have to take to replace a leaking brake line so that you can realize it is not a job that you want to do on your own. Read More»

Teaching Your Kid To Drive? 3 Tips To Share To Minimize Wear On The Tires

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As your child progresses through high school, they will eventually reach the age in which they can start driving. While your kid will learn a lot about driving from driver’s education classes and while driving with an instructor, you can still provide highly valuable information that may not have been covered. It is beneficial to teach your child how to avoid excessive wear and tear on tires, especially with your vehicle. Read More»

Answering A Few Quesions About Mobile Truck Repair Services

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For most people, vehicle problems can represent a serious disruption and inconvenience. However, those that drive for a living can find that these issues may jeopardize their jobs by causing them to run late on delivery. Fortunately, there are mobile truck repair services that can help drivers that find themselves in this situation. However, if you have never used these services, you may benefit from having the following questions about these services answered. Read More»

Exposing A Few Auto Body Repair Myths

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Caring for your car’s exterior can be an essential aspect of helping the vehicle to maintain its value. Unfortunately, new car owners may not be particularly informed about auto body care or repair issues, which can make them ill-prepared for addressing some of the more routine issues that can arise. If this applies to you, having the following three myths concerning auto body repair dispelled will help you to be better informed about maintaining the appearance of your car. Read More»

Tools To Take With You And Tests To Perform When You Peruse Semi Truck Sales

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If you are in the market for a semi truck, then you may find yourself visiting and revisiting certain heavy duty truck lots for just the right truck. Before you jump the gun and make an offer on a truck that appears to be attractive and functional, you may want to perform some operational tests of your own. This is typically allowed by law, but more commonly performed by a mechanic. Read More»