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Exposing A Few Auto Body Repair Myths

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Caring for your car's exterior can be an essential aspect of helping the vehicle to maintain its value. Unfortunately, new car owners may not be particularly informed about auto body care or repair issues, which can make them ill-prepared for addressing some of the more routine issues that can arise. If this applies to you, having the following three myths concerning auto body repair dispelled will help you to be better informed about maintaining the appearance of your car.

Myth: You Will Have To Use A Repair Provider That Is Recommended By Your Insurance

If you will be using your insurance policy to pay for auto body repairs, you may be under the impression that the insurance will refer you to a repair shop. However, this is not actually the case, and you are legally allowed to use any licensed repair provider that you choose. While the insurance company can provide you with a list of preferred repair providers, this list simply means that the insurance has evaluated these repair providers to ensure that they meet minimum quality and cost standards.

Myth: Small Scratches Are Not A Serious Problem

It can be extremely common for a car's exterior to suffer minor scratches. Unfortunately, there are some drivers that may make the mistake of assuming that minor scratches cannot pose serious threats to the car. Yet, these scratches can gradually worsen due to moisture seeping under the paint through these scratches. Additionally, corrosion can develop, which will greatly complicate the repair process. To avoid this type of damage, you should make sure to use an auto paint patch kit to repair any scratches as soon as you notice them.

Myth: You Do Not Need To Wash Your Car As Often In The Winter

There are many people that enjoy the thought of washing their cars on hot summer days. However, it can be common for some people to believe that it is not necessary to wash the car very frequently during the winter months. Unfortunately, deicing chemicals can strip away the car's exterior paint. Therefore, if you live in an area where ice on the roads is a fairly common issue during the winter months, you should make sure to wash your car at least once every couple of weeks. By frequently washing your car, you can make sure that these deicing chemicals are removed before they can cause damage to your car's exterior.

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