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Not All Mercedes Benz Are Created Equal: Why Your Car's Engine Is Not So Simple To Fix

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Mercedes Benz has been associated with luxury cars for decades. However, not all Mercedes Benz vehicles have the same or similar engines. The majority of these cars operate on diesel fuel, some more operate on standard gasoline, and a recent few operate on propane (yes, propane!). If you received your Mercedes as a gift or bought it without looking at the specs, and you suddenly have a problem with the engine, the details regarding the engine will be very important to the Mercedes Benz mechanics. As you may discover, your vehicle is not quite so simple to fix, and here is why.

Multiple Engine Sizes and Designs

There have been numerous designs and sizes for the engines used in these vehicles over the decades. Some of the engines are more complex than others, and the rarer or more vintage your vehicle is, the harder it is going to be to find the parts and fix it. Your mechanic may have to send away for the part, and because these vehicles are imports, it may take a very long time to get your vehicle fixed and get it back again. That is not to say your mechanic cannot fix your Mercedes, only that it may take longer than you might have expected.

The Three Engine Types Cannot Swap Parts

If you invested in a Mercedes with a propane engine, you have a very unique vehicle with a more unique engine. Repairs will be complicated by the fact that propane engines designed by the company for use in their vehicles are not commonplace, and are not interchangeable with other propane engines. Additionally, no gasoline, diesel or propane engine has interchangeable parts, so your mechanic cannot take parts from another type of engine and put them into your vehicle. Explosions or engine fires could ensue, and then you would be out a really expensive vehicle.

Replacing an Engine Completely Costs Almost As Much as the Car

When your mechanic removes the engine from your Mercedes and says it is junk, you can either choose to replace the engine or buy a new Mercedes. The replacement engine may cost almost as much as the current value of your car, so you may want to consider the latter option. If you are particularly attached to your old Mercedes, then maybe the replacement engine is worth the cost. Also, the labor will be high because of all of the disconnects and reconnects your mechanic will need to make to remove the engine and then put a new one in.

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