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Why Your Vehicle Color Matters

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It's time to buy a car. You've chosen the make and model. Now you have to pick out the color. When you choose a color for your vehicle, you probably only think about your personal color preference. As it turns out, you should pick a color after considering a variety of factors. Making the right choice can improve your driving experience.


Certain colors may appeal to you, but they are more likely to be involved in a crash due to them being harder for other drivers to see. For instance, a gray car has a serious, sophisticated look, but it has low visibility, particularly during daylight hours. Black, blue, and other darker colored cars are also more likely to be involved in daylight crashes than lighter vehicles. Choosing a lighter color can help reduce your risk of being involved in an accident. 


No car is completely safe from theft, but a vehicle in a "mainstream" color is more likely to be stolen than one in a very bright color or a shade that is less popular. Thieves want to maximize their chances of selling these vehicles, so they avoid colors like yellow, red, or orange. Brown and green cars are stolen less often, as well. So when it comes to your car, feel free to express yourself in shocking or unexpected color choices. 


Black cars are notorious for requiring extra care to maintain their appearance. Many people tout white as the lowest maintenance color for a car, and it does actually hide dirt pretty well. Also, white has excellent visibility, so you may end up with fewer dents and dings. The car colors that actually beat white as easy care shades include taupe, champagne, and others in this color range. Since these shades are close to the color of dirt and dust, your car simply doesn't look dirty as often. If you hate to wash your car, then taupe may be your answer. As a bonus, your car should reflect heat as well, making for a cooler ride. 

The vehicle color you choose can have a great impact on our overall driving experience. If safety is your primary concern, choose a color with high daytime visibility. If theft worries you, go bright or unique. Once you decide which factor is your priority, choose your vehicle color. If you regret your choice, you can always have it repainted at an auto body paint shop. You are never stuck with the wrong color.