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Teaching Your Kid To Drive? 3 Tips To Share To Minimize Wear On The Tires

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As your child progresses through high school, they will eventually reach the age in which they can start driving. While your kid will learn a lot about driving from driver's education classes and while driving with an instructor, you can still provide highly valuable information that may not have been covered. It is beneficial to teach your child how to avoid excessive wear and tear on tires, especially with your vehicle.

Follow the Speed Limit, Not the Traffic

Sometimes, your kid will be driving on highways or even multi-lane roads and notice that the traffic is all moving at a faster speed than the speed limit of the area. It may be tempting for them to speed up to maintain pace, especially for an inexperienced driver who does not fully understand the ways of the road. But, you should advise them to stick to the speed limit no matter the situation. By staying at or below the speed limit, your kid will not reach excessively high speeds in which tires get worn down faster from braking. This little tip preserves your vehicle and makes everyone safer on the road.

Look Ahead to Brake Early

It is easy for young drivers to pay attention to what is in front of them and that is all. While this works, you should try to teach your child to look ahead to get a better idea of what is happening on the road. Seeing that a stoplight is turning red can give your kid a signal to let off the gas pedal early on. Letting the car slow down on its own, as opposed to quickly braking as you get near the stoplight is an easy way to minimize how much wear and tear is put onto the vehicle being driven. This also applies for other situations such as speed limit changes and signs that signify merging or sharp turns coming up.

Drive an Automatic with One Foot

When you teach your kid to drive an automatic vehicle, you should make sure they get into the habit of driving with one foot instead of two. While it is legally allowed to drive with both feet, this will often lead to your kid pushing the brake pedal more than they need to on the road. Braking naturally wears down the tread on tires, so excessive braking will do it at an increased rate. By advising your kid to use just one foot, you can feel confident about them having better control of their actions while driving.

As a knowledgeable driver, you should help your kid become a better driver and prolong the car's tires, especially because having to replace your vehicle's tires prematurely can add up in costs. Contact a tire shop for more tips.