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Learn What It Takes To Have A Leaky Brake Line Replaced

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If you own a truck and notice that the ABS light has lit on your dash, there is a good chance that your brake line may be leaking. Working on your truck if you are not a mechanic is not always a good idea, especially when it comes to something as important as being able to brake. The guide below walks you through the steps that a mechanic will have to take to replace a leaking brake line so that you can realize it is not a job that you want to do on your own.

Lift the Truck

The first thing that the mechanic will need to do is to lift the truck up in the air. The brake lines of the truck run along the bottom of the truck near the sides. They run from the front wheels to the back wheels and will be very difficult to access, if your truck is not lifted in the air. Since you more than likely do not have a vehicle lift at your home, accessing the lines at your house would be extremely difficult to do.

Remove All of the Equipment that Is in the Way

In order to access the brake line, the mechanic will more than likely have to remove many different things from under the truck that will be blocking it. Some brake lines run between the fuel tank and the frame of the car, down the sides of the car along the frame, and inside of a sheathing that will need to be removed in order to see where the leak is located. Removing all of these parts and putting them back on properly will be difficult to do without the proper training.

Remove and Replace the Damaged Brake Line

When the mechanic is able to find the leak, he or she will need to remove the damaged area, which requires him or her to find the end fitting that is holding the line in place, loosen it, remove the line, replace the line, tighten the fitting back into place. He or she will then need to put all of the parts back into the car that were removed to access the line.

The parts to replace a leaking brake line are not expensive. The most expensive cost you will incur is the amount the mechanic charges for their labor. If you consider how much work goes into replacing the brake line, you should quickly realize the amount they charge for their work is well worth paying because you do not have to try to figure out how to do it on your own.