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3 Tips To Increase The Security Of Your Construction Office Trailer

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One of the downsides to having your construction offices located in an on-site job trailer is security. Here are three ways you can make your construction office trailer more secure.

#1 Add Professional Locks

Many office trailers only come equipped with either combination locks or very simple locks. If you want to keep the belongings inside of your trailer secure, you need to upgrade the locks. A combination lock can easily be cut off using bolt cutters, and a very simple lock can easily be forced open or picked.

In order to adequately protect your belongings that are inside of your on-site construction trailer, you need to have deadbolts put on your trailer door. You can't just cut-off a deadbolt, and you can't just easily force the door open. It takes considerably more skill to get inside of a trailer that has one or more deadbolt on it.

#2 Protect The Windows

Another way that potential thieves can easily get inside of your construction trailer is via the windows. These trailers are often equipped with very simple, single panes with basic locks that are easy to jimmy open from the outside. You can increase the security of your windows by taking a few different steps.

First, you can upgrade the locks on the windows. You can install locks on the side of the window frame that make it more difficult to open the window from the outside. You can also use a length of metal or wood and place it diagonally across the window to hold it in place. 

Second, you can put security screens on the windows. Security screens are generally attached to the inside of the window and make it more difficult for someone to gain unauthorized access to your trailer. One of the upsides to security screens is that they protect your office while still allowing light and fresh air into your office; they do not inhibit the function of your windows at all, they just make your belongings more secure.

Third, you can have security bars installed on your trailer's windows. Security bars are generally attached on the outside of the windows, and are highly visible. Due to their visual nature, they are a good deterrent to keeping potential vandals off your job site entirely.

#3 Video Cameras

Finally, you can also install video cameras to protect your on-site trailers and your job site. You can set up cameras just on the inside of your trailer so you can monitor what happens inside of it, or you can set up cameras on the outside of your trailer so you can more effectively keep an eye on your entire job site, not just your trailer.

If you decide to set up video cameras, you will also need to decide if you want to monitor them yourself or if you want to hire an outside security contractor to monitor your video feeds for you. If you want constant supervision of your security cameras, hiring an outside contractor is the way to go; however, if you just want to have the video feeds as backup in case something happens on your site, monitoring them yourself works just fine.

Take the three steps above to improve the security of your on-site construction office trailer this summer. Contact a business, such as Colorado Trailers Inc, for more information.