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3 Common Issues With Audi Vehicles

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Audi vehicles are top of the line pieces of engineering and automobiles that will serve you well for years to come. Having said that, like all mechanical devices, there are always problems that can arise. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about just a few problems that tend to befall Audi vehicles so that you can make sure to keep a vigilant eye on these issues.

Ignition Coils

An issue that tends to befall Audis is that the ignition coils can simply give out without so much as a warning. There is a preventative stance you can take, however. By replacing the stock ignition coil with a solid aftermarket emulation, you can ensure that this does not happen. You can also take the vehicle to a licensed Audi repair shop and they can fix the broken ignition coil, or check up on it to see if it is in need of replacement or repair. Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of warning when this problem happens. Your car will simply fail to start.

Dashboard Problems

The sensors and indicators that litter your dashboard may simply give out on your Audi vehicle. Among the components affected include the speedometer, odometer, and gas gauge. If you notice any flickering lights or if one of the dashboard components doesn't sync up with what you believe is actually the case (for example, if your gas gauge remains full for a lengthy amount of time after filling up), then these are signs that you might have an issue on your hand. A licensed Audi repair service can help you rectify this issue.

Oil Problems

When it comes to gas consumption, Audis are among the best make of car on the market. However, they have a reputation for burning through oil quite quickly. The S4 and A4, which are strangely enough smaller models, tend to consume oil much more quickly than the larger models that Audi offers. The response to this issue is to take the same approach that you did with the ignition coils – the use of aftermarket parts. However, it is also important, in the mean time, to make sure that your vehicle is not running low on oil. If you own an S4 or A4, it is important to check the oil on a regular basis – two times a week at the minimum – and when necessary, you have your oil changed.