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Three Ways Your Car Dealership Can Earn The Business Of Millennials In The Social Media Age

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Millennials are the generation that grew up on the Internet. Studies have shown that 93 percent of Millennials accessed the Internet on a regular basis as of 2014. It should be a no-brainer that your car dealership needs a strong social media presence to reach the youngest generation of consumers.

Marketing your dealership online is especially important considering that significantly less Millennials own cars than previous generations. Incorporating a savvy Internet marketing strategy into your advertising platform can help your dealership fight back against that unfortunate trend.

Build a Social Media Presence with Humor and Humanity

Simply setting up generic social media pages for your dealership isn't enough to truly reach Millennials. If you want to stand out from the crowd of other businesses that market on social media sites, you need to establish your dealership as a brand with a unique and human personality.

Regularly update your social media pages with interesting content. Don't merely post bland sales copy — that sort of content will often be lost amongst the myriad of other Internet advertisements and disregarded by social media users. Instead, incorporate wit, humor, and humanity into your posts. Create funny Internet memes that are relevant to the automotive world. That will help Millennials get interested in cars, and will also make users more likely to share your posts. Every time a user shares one of your posts, they're advertising your dealership to all of their friends at no cost to you.

Become Proactive on Review Pages

Online reviews are the go-to source of business information for a lot of Millennials. If your dealership has worse reviews than other nearby dealerships, Millennials will be much more likely to buy from your competitors.

Regularly read the reviews of your dealership on sites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Respond to all reviews so that users will see your dealership as proactive and concerned with customer satisfaction. If a bad review pops up, publicly offer to resolve any issues with the user who posted it. Also offer incentives to your customers for writing a good review. For example, if a customer is satisfied with their experience at your dealership, offer a free gift card in exchange for a positive review.

Create a Clearly-Defined Warranty Program

A car is a major purchase, especially for young people who aren't as likely to have a lot of savings compared to older generations. Offering an extended warranty program will help put Millennials' minds at ease when it comes time to purchase a vehicle. Prominently feature the details of your warranty program on your social media pages so that users will be confident that your dealership won't sell them a lemon.

Since Millennials have less experience owning cars than older generations, they're also less likely to be mechanically-inclined. A generous warranty program will make them more likely to commit to purchasing a car without worrying about future maintenance costs. Combined with a strong social media marketing presence, extended warranties will help your dealership stand out from the crowd and capture the hearts and wallets of the Millennial generation. Click here to learn more about dealer services extended warranty.