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4 Possible Reasons For The Check Engine Light To Come On In A Car

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Are you puzzled as to what is causing the check engine light to sporadically come on in your car? There are many aspects of a car that can lead to the check engine light coming on. The best way to find out the specific reason for your check engine light having sporadic behavior is to get your car inspected by a mechanic. However, this article lists a few of the things that can cause a check engine light to come on so you will get a general idea of what the problem might be.

1. The Engine Misfires

A misfiring engine is a problem that leads to a car losing gas mileage. You might notice a slight jerk when the engine misfires as well. One of the worst things that can happen is that your car loses power altogether.  A misfiring engine is likely related to there being a blown head gasket. All you have to do is get the head gasket repaired and it should result in the check engine light going off.

2. A Malfunctioning Radiator

When the radiator is the reason for the check engine light coming on, there are a few things that can be wrong. The simplest repair might be that you need to get more coolant put inside of your car. It is also possible that the hose that delivers coolant is in need of being replaced, such as if it has a hole in it that allow coolant to leak out. In the worst case scenario, you might have a worn out radiator altogether due to normal wear and tear.

3. An Insufficient Level of Oil

It is important for your car to have a sufficient amount of oil at all times. Oil helps with the prevention of engine parts creating friction. Basically, the oil prevents the parts from rubbing against each other when you are driving your car. You might be dealing with a damaged oil hose that is leaking and needs a repair or simply need to get more oil placed in your car.

4. A Faulty Mass Airflow Sensor

It is possible that the mass airflow sensor is unable to communicate with the computer in your car. The mass airflow sensor basically signals the computer to send a certain amount of fuel through your car that is based on the amount of air flowing through the engine. Signs of a faulty mass airflow sensor include decreased gas mileage and frequent stalling.

Get your car inspected to find out why the check engine light comes on. For engine services, click on this link or do an online search.