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Three Ways To Ensure That New Window Deflectors On Your Truck Last As Long As Possible

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Whether you want to keep bugs away or leave your windows cracked in rainy weather, getting acrylic deflectors custom-built for your particular truck windows is a great and cheap way to personalize your ride. But since most window deflectors are kept in place with adhesive materials instead of bolts or nails, making sure that they don't come off or bend out of shape is important. So to ensure that new window deflectors on your truck last as long as possible, remember these three things.

Check The Integrity Of The Weather Strips On Your Truck's Windows

Before you go ahead with the installation, thoroughly inspect your truck windows' rubber weather strips for any looseness or tears. Even if a particular weather strip section looks fine, gently tug on it to confirm that it's entirely and firmly attached to your truck's door.

This is important because your window deflectors will be pressing right up against the rubber. If part of a weather strip comes off, the tension helping to hold the relevant deflector in place will dissipate. Over time, this will cause a lot of unnecessary movement and weaken the deflector's adhesive.

Avoid Automatic Car Washing Services

The fast moving rollers in an automatic car wash tunnel will put a lot of pressure on your truck's window deflectors. This is especially true of rollers that press themselves against vehicles from a horizontal direction because contact will be made with your deflectors right at their weakest points.

So instead of utilizing an automatic car washing service to clean your truck, wash it yourself with a hose and a good sponge. Additionally, instead of jamming the sponge into the space at the top of a window between the glass and a deflector, dial back your hose's water pressure and point it directly at any debris you can see from below.

Clear Off Any Snow Piles That Collect On The Deflectors Before They Get Too Large

Having a small deposit of snow on one of your deflectors is no big deal. But when a huge and heavy snow pile from a blizzard finds its way onto your truck's roof, runoff from it is going to put a lot of pressure on your deflectors' adhesive bonds.

Therefore, if you don't have access to a garage and the weather's turned very snowy, run a gloved hand over the edges of your truck's roof every once in awhile. This will mitigate the amount of snow that gets redirected from the roof onto your deflectors.

For more information on custom truck parts, check with your local automotive dealer.