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5 Ways To Get More Miles Out Of Your Diesel Fuel This Summer

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Even though gas prices have been lower this year, gas still eats away at a large portion of many individual's budgets, especially when planning a family vacation. Here are a few ways to get more miles out of your diesel fuel during your family vacation and whenever else you hit the road this summer.

#1 Avoid "Warming-Up" Your Engine

Your diesel engine does not need to warm-up in the mornings before you hit the road. Do not let your vehicle sit idle in your driveway for fifteen minutes while you pack it up and get ready to hit the road for your summer vacation. Keep your vehicle off until you are ready to go. Idling your vehicle can really cut into and waste your diesel fuel. 

#2 Keep The Engine Revving To A Minimum

Unless you are trying to show off the strength of your engine, there is really no reason to rev up your diesel engine. Try to avoid revving your engine when you are driving, and work on smoothly and slowly switching between gears. The smoother you drive, and the less you rev your engine, the more diesel fuel you will save. 

#3 Keep A Steady Pace On The Freeway

In order to get the most out of your gas, it is best to keep a steady pace on the freeway. One of the best ways to do this is to set your cruise control right at or above the speed limit for the freeway or highway you are driving on. This will help you maintain a safe speed and will also help you reduce your gas usage.

Driving at high speeds as well as frequently changing speeds due to weaving in and out of traffic will cut into miles you get from your diesel fuel. Try to find the sweet spot for your vehicle and stay there; speeding up and driving fast will reduce your mileage per gallon and put you at risk of getting a ticket. 

#4 Stick To High Gears

When doing summer driving on the highway, it is best to stick to the high gears. You'll get better gas mileage when you move up to a higher gear as soon as possible. Staying in a lower gear when you could move up to a higher one will just over-rotate your engine and reduce your diesel fuel efficiency. 

#5 Coast When Possible

When you can safely do so, coast to a stop instead of hitting your brakes. Hitting your brakes and gearing down actually uses more fuel than just taking your foot off the gas, putting your vehicle in neutral and allowing it to slow down more naturally. Braking this way will also reduce the overall wear and tear on your brakes as well.

Increase your diesel fuel efficiency this summer by implementing the tips above the next time you hit the road. Diesel companies like Nelson Petroleum, can give more information about the how to use diesel fuel efficiently.