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Buying A Used Car For Your Teen? Add These Features To Keep Them Safe On The Road

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If you're like most parents who are buying a used car for their teen, you are likely concerned about performance and safety. It's crucial to have a potential used car inspected by a trusted mechanic before committing to a purchase in order to ensure that it's trustworthy and in optimal condition. It's also important to consider incorporating a few aftermarket features to help keep your teen safe while on the road. Here are three options that will provide some extra safety and give you some peace of mind:

A Backup Camera

Every year 15,000 people are injured in backup accidents, and many of the victims involved are under the age of 5. To minimize the chance that your teen will become involved in one of these unfortunate cases, it's a good idea to have a backup camera system installed on the used vehicle you buy them. The backup camera will eliminate blind spots to help keep people, animals, and even buildings safe.

These systems are easy to use and don't bulk up the vehicle's look. A small camera is typically attached to the back bumper above the license plate, and is then connected to a small screen on the interior dashboard. Backup camera systems can be purchased at most electronic and car audio stores, where you can typically get one installed by a professional.

A GPS System

Installing a GPS tracking system can be a valuable tool for you and your teen as long as you keep communication open and commit to respecting their privacy when they're away from the house. With a SPG system in place, you'll know exactly where your teen is at all times and police will have instant insight into their location in case of an emergency or if they get into an accident. And your teen will have the opportunity to prove their trustworthiness to you by sticking to the travel destinations as well as driving habits and rules you both agree to.

A Speed Limiter

Consider investing in an aftermarket device called a speed limiter to help ensure that your teen maintains safe speeds while behind the wheel. Many speed limiters work by controlling a vehicle's fuel injection system to limit top speeds to about 70 miles per hour. With a speed limiter device installed, the chance of your teen making poor driving decisions is sure to decrease. These devices require a 3 wire installation that takes about an hour and can be done yourself at home. However, you should be able to have the device professionally installed by a local electronics store technician for a small fee.

With the help of these features your teen will be able to practice their new driving skills with the support and monitoring they need for success.  To learn more, visit a website like