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3 Tips To Take The Hassle Out Of Auto Repairs After A Collision

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Causing a fender bender or some other type of moving car accident car be very frustrating, especially if you only carry liability auto insurance. If your car is damaged and needs collision repair, it can be an expensive, annoying process if you're not smart about the situation. In the event that you're paying for auto repairs out of your own pocket after an at-fault collision, use the following tips for the best results:

Get Several Quotes

There is no universal price list for auto repairs, so prices can vary greatly from one auto body shop to another. It is in your best interest to get comprehensive quotes from several auto body repair shops before you decide who will be repairing your vehicle. Pay attention to what the hourly labor charge is and how many hours are quoted to complete the job. It is also worth asking whether the body shop is using original manufacturer parts, used parts, or aftermarket parts. Knowing this information will allow you to compare the quotes in order to determine which shop you want to use.

Pay Attention to Warranties

When you're spending a substantial amount of money to have your automobile repaired after a collision, warranties become very important. The last thing you want is to have a problem with a part or the body of your car a few months after it is repaired and not have a warranty to protect you. Most reputable auto body shops offer comprehensive warranties that cover parts, body work, and paint jobs-- make sure you understand what kind of warranty you are getting before you allow the repairs to begin. Keep the warranty paperwork in a safe place in case you have any issues during the warranty period that need to be addressed. 

Make Sure the Paint Matches

If the repairs on your vehicle include painting new body panels to match the rest of the car, make sure you examine the paint job closely before you pay the bill and drive away from the shop. It can be very difficult to exactly match the paint on a car, so it is possible that the new panel may look slightly different than the rest of your car. A good thing to do is to ask to see the car in direct sunlight so you can compare paint colors. If there are any problems, a reputable body shop will do additional paint work to make sure that everything matches. 

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