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Aftermarket Suspension Systems And Camber Kits Go Hand In Hand

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If you’ve installed an aftermarket suspension kit on your car, you’ve probably noticed that your wheel alignment looks a bit off. Aftermarket springs lower the body of your car closer to the wheels and axles. A side effect of lowering your car is that the suspension geometry changes: your wheels and tires sit at a different angle relative to your suspension and chassis. Obviously, you want to take advantage of your aftermarket suspension’s full handling potential. Read More»

Tips To Help You Keep Your Car Looking Like New

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Taking the best care of your car is the best way to keep it looking the way it did when it rolled off the show room floor. By taking good care of your car, you also maintain the investment you have in it. While engine care and maintenance is extremely important, you should pay close attention to the exterior and interior parts of your car as well. Follow these auto detailing tips to help you provide the care your car requires to always look new. Read More»