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3 Minor Body Repairs That Can Be Caused By Design Flaws And Small Bumps

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If you want your car to look like new, then you may take it to wash every weekend and do everything to keep it in mint condition. Even if you do everything possible to keep your car clean and looking great, sometimes you may have problems that are no fault of your own. This can include things like design flaws such as bumper covers with insufficient brackets. It can also include bumps from parking lots and body trim that eventually falls off. Here are some of the body repairs that you may need done to deal with these issues:

1. Bumper Cover Designs That May Just Fall Apart

Bumper covers are one of the components on newer cars that can easily be damaged. This can sometimes be due to small accidents like backing into something, or it can be due to a design flaw from the manufacturer. Sometimes, the brackets may be insufficient and cause a bumper cover to come loose with even the slightest bump. If this is the case with your car, talk with an auto body shop about correcting the problem with extra fasteners or a new bumper bracket with an improved design.

2. Body Trim That Can Wear Out And May Need Replacing

There is also a lot of body trim that can be a problem with cars. You may have trim on the sides of doors, which can be fastened with clips or a combination of clips and glue. These parts can break and adhesives can wear out, causing the body trim to come off. If the trim is not absolutely necessary, talk with an auto body shop about removing it, filling the holes and touching up the paint. You can even have them paint stripes to replace the trim and give your car a unique, custom look.

3. Dealing With Scratches And Bumps That Are Unsightly

When you park your car in a parking lot, you are at the mercy of other drivers. Unfortunately, most are not going to come to find you to tell you the scratched your paint or dinged the door. Instead, this is one of the problems that you may want to have addressed when you take your car to the body shop. An auto body repair shop can remove the dings in just a few minutes and buff the paint to make the scratches disappear.

These are some of the body repairs that you may need done to deal with design flaws and other body issues. If your car's body is in less than perfect condition, contact an auto body repair service to help address some of these issues.